Thursday, March 12, 2009

I once was fat and now am thin and that has made all of the difference

Sixteen months ago I weighed 164 pounds. Twelve months ago I was up to 171. Eight months ago I clocked in at 176... but I hadn't changed my diet, I didn't eat more than before.

The realization; my fat was building fat. Even if I continued eating the same amounts and the same things, I wouldn't sustain my current weight, I would keep getting bigger and bigger.

I figured if weight gain was exponential, that weight loss had to be the same.

Six months ago I made a decision to take control of my life but taking control of what I put in my mouth and how I ate.

As of this morning I'm down 39 pounds... a healthier 136 pounds on a 5'5 frame.

My ultimate goal? 110. The last 26 are the hardest. I now know loosing weight is easy, keeping it off is the hard part.

So let me help you loose weight so that in turn you can keep me honest.

In the last 6 months my life has changed so much. I went from lonely and miserable to social and happy. Words cannot describe the difference it has made. You'll have to experience it for yourself.


Sachi Sara Sean


  1. Love the beginning of what , I am sure will be an exciting Venture.
    Keep your focus on you, disregard external pressure and all will be.
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  2. Congratulations SSS, it would be an honor for me if you would tell your story to my readers. I started a social network site for health and wellness and would love to have you join and start blogging your stories there.

    If interested, the site s

    Your new follower,
    Steve Green

  3. Hallo dear, Congratulations on your accomplishment! I am thrilled you added me to your Twitter follows. I see your goal at 5'5" is 110 pounds. That is very thin for your height! I've been thin most of my life with two or three periods where I've gained 30-40 pounds. I find that 100-110 is thin in a waifish model sort of way, but 121-122 is my natural weight--whether I'm in shape (lean) or not (flabbier). Also, I'm just a smidge shorter than you. I think once you get within your natural range, your body will let you know it's natural svelte weight. You'll know when you're a bit more controlling of your eating, when you're splurging (let it happens sometimes), or when you're just not hungry (I take advantage of those times & drink tea) I do prefer to stay thin & it's not always easy. So, best to you! Cheers, bella.. xoj

  4. Congrats girl, you inspire me to think about my shape... I am plus sized and want so bad to lose some weight.

    Can you email me how you lost your weight effectively?

    My email is

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  6. thank you for the encouragement and advice daily!

    @siwawut, it's not hard! cut out white flour and whole wheat flour and only consume WHOLE GRAINS, cut out all sugar and corn products and get your sugar from fruits 3 times a day, get rid of oil all together (a little olive oil is ok), and never eat anything fried, drink lots of water (at least 2 liters a day), and consume 90% of your diet in plant life

    smaller portions over big portions, eat 5 times a day every 3 hours

  7. It is great that you are reaching your weight goal! You've also done a wonderful job with your blog. We'll look forward to hearing about your progress.

    Phyllis and Judy